onsdag, december 21, 2005

Last day!

Last day here, moving my blog to hultmans.webalbum.se. This site and Blogger is a great service however webalbum.se is the forum that I am using in the future. There is also a webalbum service for sharing photos that I think is great. Please visit my blog there and feel frke any comments and suggestions. I am also moving all my posts from this blog to my new blog and you will find them under the Luncblog category.

My new blog!

söndag, december 18, 2005

Nice evening.

Lazy evening in sofa watching football, Lazio VS Juventus and later tonight it is Cadiz VS Barcelona. Alexander and I had Pizza, BBQ chicken, salad, beer, wine and for me also a whiskey… a perfect Saturday evening and of course a big bag of mixed candy. There is only one problem, and it is not a minor problem; he is now listening to Smokie, probably the worse band in the world. What have I done to deserve this? Anyway, great football on TV and he turned volume down. There is still a chance that I will survive this evening…

lördag, december 17, 2005

Sunny saturday!

Great day today so far -5C and sunny weather so mother and I went out for a walk, went to Frölunda Torg and bought out Christmas ham. Had coffee at a café but did not have anything from the bakery dept today.

Talked to Hiroe for a couple of hours last night, did not go to sleep until 4 am, and is therefore very tired today. Think that it will be a nap on sofa tonight while watching football on TV! Woke at nine at a phone call from Simon and could not fall asleep again. Listened to Melodikrysset on the radio together with HOAB, David A and some other Common friends but there is no chance to win anything this week either.

Time for barbell training at F&S soon, and tonight it will be a lazy evening in sofa…

onsdag, december 14, 2005

Bad wedesday.

Cloudy and rainy weather today however it is not -25C as it is in northern part of Sweden. Need to take a walk today and workout this afternoon; things are not working out well from day to day.

måndag, december 12, 2005

Monday again.

Nice weather today and took a long walk, went out for approximately three hours, visited mother, and did some shopping at Frölunda Torg. Met a former colleague from the ENT-clinic, Joanne, and talked to her, as I have not seen her for a long time. Now she is working at the plastic surgery clinic.
Barbell training tonight, think that it can be great to try Glenn’s barbell class, Pernilla is the tonight step1 class leader and she’s got a great class but already booked barbell, perhaps there will be a chance for multiple classes tonight…

Late thanxgivingdinner

Went to Helene today and had a lovely dinner and a great time with her, her kids and her nice friends Helena and Mats and of course their kids too. We had “thanksgiving” turkey dinner with stuffing and ice cream with chocolate sauce and fresh pineapple for dessert. First time that had traditional American thanksgiving dinner, it was great, and the stuffing was very delicious.

On way home, I finished the “Under the Duvet book on the bus. It was a great book, however it was different from the other books written by Martian Keyes and now it is time to read the “The Other Side of the Story” and it will be a great pleasure to read Marian Keyes new book.

söndag, december 11, 2005


Back in blog, last days been lazy except last Friday when it was weekly laundry. And had lunch with Kenneth at Amazing Thai restaurant; Thai food is a must be every week… went to barbell training yesterday and it is funny to see that in the end of the term there isn’t as much people attending as in the beginning of the term. It might be depending of all the Christmas stress and many people are forced do a lot of house cleaning, baking and of course shopping. Here, in the Residence of Hultman, we are almost done with the Christmas duty; kids will spend the Christmas with their mother and mother and I are visiting my sister and her family on Christmas Eve.

Johanna and Simon been here this weekend however Johanna went to Ullared, a small village with a very big shopping mall and a lot of shops, with a friend and his family and came back home loaded with clothes and Christmas gifts.. We all have to wait for Christmas to check the stuff out!

No one in the family wanted to se The Family Stone movie, tried to give the tickets away but no one wanted to go! Nothing one can do about it, maybe kids already read about the movie and decided that it was not any good movie.

Today it will be turkey dinner at Helene’s place and it will be nice. Helene is very good at cooking and knows how to treat a turkey since she lived in USA for many years and I am really looking forward to this dinner. There will be a report from Helene's turkey dinner later today.

fredag, december 09, 2005

Done nothing today. Almost.

Went to Frölunda Torg today for some shopping, and went to see mom and check if everything is OK with her. Nice weather today, 2C partly cloudy however it was windy. Went through Ruddalen and it was very nice, only a couple of jogging women was in the forest.

Must take a trip to Frölunda tomorrow as well, forgot to buy the turkey for the Sunday dinner.

No step class today, fitness leaders and staff at F & S having a Christmas party tonight. Body need to relax tonight, F & S staff probably need to relax tomorrow…

Got free tickets to the preview of “The Family Stone” and Simon will be delighted to see it he loves to go to the movie. Report from the movie on Saturday evening if I remember!

torsdag, december 08, 2005

UEFA CL result

In the last round in the UEFA Champions League Benfica, won against Manchester United 2-1 and by that United did not reach the final round. Who cares?

Wednesday evening.

In the book”Under the Duvet” written by Marian Keyes she is telling the reader that she is attending Step classes! Of course, Marian Keyes, my all time hero is attending Step classes; however that there is no chance that she might pop up at the F & S Step classes here in Majorna.

Benfica – Manchester United on TV and Benfica leads 2-1 and by now Benfica and Villareal is ready for the final round. Still 30 minutes left of the game. Report here later.

BK lunch and more

The lunch today was together with Britt-Marie, Mikael and Linus at Burger King at Järntorget. They had been to the orthopedic clinic with Linus and we are trying to have lunch together when they visit Sahlgrenska and Gothenburg. On my way home, the cycle tyre was punctured and I had visit the workshop at Sveagatan. Took a walk through Slottskogen, the beautiful park in the city of Gothenburg, spend 40 minutes walking home. It was great; it was not many people in the park, mostly young women walking with their babies and enjoying their days off. It was cloudy, and approx 4C but it was great to take that walk.

On my way to step class soon, two days in a row however it is no problems and football on TV later; Benfica vs. Manchester United in UEFA Champions League. Both teams got the chance to reach the final round that makes tonight’s game a must see. Both teams have to win this match. This is my plans for tonight!

onsdag, december 07, 2005

BK today.

Alexander went to Sahlgrenska for some more blood tests yesterday, the concentration of cyclosporine in blood was a little too high, and he needs to reduce the daily medicine dose for a couple of weeks.

Britt-Marie and her family are on their way to Gothenburg today and we are planning to have our traditional BK-lunch today. Depending on how long time they have to spend at the orthopedic clinic but there is always time for lunch.

tisdag, december 06, 2005

Ginger biscuits.

Received an internet link for Christmas ginger biscuits baking today that I can recommend. Some of you who are into baking things, it is fun baking cakes of different kind, this is something for you. This link will give you some great ideas about ginger biscuits and does not matter whom you serve these biscuits, they will remember you and your baking skills. Sent this URL to some friends on an e-mail this morning and got some response; think that it is time to bake ginger biscuits and buy a bottle of “Blossa Glögg”…

Check this URL!

Alexander is doing fine.

Everything looks great doc said today, however he need to do a couple more blood test tomorrow at Sahlgrenska. New kidney biopsy is in the plan for the treatment and hoping that kidneys not damaged by the Minimal Changes syndrome or the medicine. Alexander is eating Sandimmun® for the kidney disease. As long as he do not need the steroid, Prednisolon® or chemotherapy as Sendoxan® for the treatment of the kidney disease we are most thankful.

Simon had his friend, Dani, here after school today and we all think that it is great when kids taking friends and schoolmate home for playing. Sometimes it can be difficult to serve dinner because some of them, as Dani, are Muslims and do not eat pork however; it was not a problem because we had traditional Swedish meatballs today made out of beef.

Raining tonight, no winter weather in sight and it is sad. The snow that came on Saturday night disappeared very quickly. Still hoping that it will be a little snow on Christmas because it lightens the dark nights up.

måndag, december 05, 2005

Eyes wide shut

Spent Sunday at Axessakuten; an infection in an eye did wake me up early; eye was red as a strawberry and it was aching. Got penicillin eye drops and it feel much better already. Cannot use contact lenses for ten days and wearing glasses are not my cup of tea. Hard to read and write however MS Word set to Times New Roman 18! Tried to watch TV but it did not work out well, it was football and there was no chance to figure out the difference between the two teams…

The saddest thing about yesterday was that I missed Hiroe’s birthday lunch at the Villahermosa Hilton Hotel.

Going to see doctor with Alexander today doing a couple of blood test and we do hope that everything is OK.

söndag, december 04, 2005

Saturday at Hisingen.

Went to Kirsi today; she got a new PC and needed help to install and configure software, printer and network. It was a great computer, an Acer midi tower, a Benq 17 inch tft monitor and a Canon printer. She ordered the computer at her job at the “Home PC” offer. Think it was a great offer, 100 SEK per month for three years. A lot of software included; antivirus software, MS Works and there was a CD burner included. Had a great time with Kirsi today, ordered pizza from a small restaurant at Kvilletorget and had a couple of cold beer. Now relaxing in sofa, it is skiing on TV, women’s downhill race from Lake Louise in Banff, Canada. A couple of Swedish women are skiing and so far, they are doing fine in the competitions; however, they are not on top five. Cannot understand how they can keep standing on their ski at a speed of approx 115 km per hour. That is impressive.

lördag, december 03, 2005

Late at night...

This evening a neighbor, Suzz, and her son showed up. Watching TV for some hours and did share a bottle of red. TV show idol had come to final set and Agnes won; think that it jury did the right decision.

Had a great time with Urban, Sussie and all the other at the workout earlier today and afterwards went for an “After Workout” at Jefferey’s Pub.

There are no plans for the upcoming weekend, time will tell and report, if there is anything that might be interesting, will be published here on this blog.

torsdag, december 01, 2005

Good news!

Today, on my report, the Swedish Data Inspection Board started an investigation whether my former employer, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset, broke the Swedish Data law. Later there will be more information about this issue on this blog.